‘The Government Thinks That it is Extremely Easy to Silence Women’: A Conversation with Dalit Activist Nodeep Kaur

Published in The American Kahani 03/04/21

Nodeep Kaur, Actist.

The Attack

At around mid-day, Nodeep was dragged away from the incident site, while her colleagues tried to help her. She was rushed into a small van and was taken to a secluded spot where she was beaten by several policemen in the presence of the Station Head Officer before being taken to the Sonipat police Station where she was further punched and thrashed by the male cops. At no point in time were there any female officers present at any of these locations where 23-year-old Kaur was being assaulted.

Political, Tech & Futurism Contributor, NLP/CBT Practitioner, Author & Radio Critic, Vintner, Investapreneur

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